Union County Baptist Association
Monday, June 26, 2017



 First Choice Center for Women

This pro-life Christian counselling, pregnancy testing Center is located next door to the associational office.  They provide support and encouragement for young women who need to understand their circumstances.  Our partnership involves promotion, volunteers, fund-raising, and prayer support.

The Good Samaritan

Volunteers come together to assist those of our community who need help with food, utilities, rent, etc.  Many of our church members participate in the operation of this ministry.  Many of our churches provide food and money to the ministry.  The association channels food services funds into this ministry to assist with the needs.

Lipa Christian Church

We have a five year partnership with Pastor Roland Blaza and the Lipa Christian Church in Lipa City, Philippines.  We take a 10 day trip to the church and conduct work designed to strengthen the church and its ministries.  We also support Pastor Roland Blaza financially monthly.  We have rented a house there which houses the pastor and his family and also serves as the residence for the team visiting there.  We use the house also as a training center for the other churches in the association.

Terry & Dana Pickens

We are partnering with the Terry & Dana Pickens and provide financial support through the association and many of our churches.  We take mission trips to Colorado to conduct construction and ministry activities along with this couple.


Lee and Tiffany Davis

We are partnering with this couple and provide financial, prayer and ministry support on a regular basis.  They are in San Francisco, California.


Uganda Missions - George and Geraldine Smith, IMB Missionaries

We have an ongoing partnership with the Smiths in Jinja, Uganda and we travel there annually to conduct pastoral training, construction work, VBS, medical clinics and street witnessing.  We also support the Smiths by meeting their needs as we are able.